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Mind-Body Skills Groups 


Mind-Body Walk or Paddle



What is a Mind-Body Skills Group?

Mind-Body Skills Groups were developed by The Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington DC. The Groups offer a powerful and effective combination of research-based healing therapies to build resilience and self-care. This group helps participants manage stress, life changes, or health conditions in an intimate and supportive group setting.

What skills are taught? 

Breath work, Movement/Yoga, Relaxation, Imagery, Self-awareness, Meditation, Writing/Drawing, Autogenic Training, Emotional Awareness, Healthy Eating , Appreciating Family History

Who can benefit? 

Anyone interested in making changes in their lives, whether a desire is to decrease stress, increase coping, decrease pain, enhance immune function, or manage anxiety or depression more effectively.

Continuing education credits are offered for nurses and social workers.


2022 update: If you are interested in being in a group or creating or hosting a group, contact Julie 651-285-4251

Online Groups are also regularly scheduled through The Center for Mind-Body Medicine.


I LOVE the St. Croix river!!!!


I have found solace, fun, joy, wonder and refreshment in, on and around the St. Croix. I want to give back and facilitate offerings for others to experience some of gifts the St. Croix river has given to me.

A mind-body walk or paddle includes an individualized, guided mindful walk or paddle on or near the St. Croix River. Mind-body skills are taught as an option to support participates in realizing their innate resilience and self care to manage stress, life changes or health conditions in an intimate outdoor setting.

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